Montenovi s.r.l. selects its operational staff following very strict selection criteria and assessing its attitude, potential and even passion for this delicate job. First of all, there is a training supervised by our expert technicians; gradually, this phase is followed by a collaboration in the operations of handling and packaging. Our specialized staff benefits of a permanent contract which ensures their loyalty and exclusive collaboration with our company.

In compliance with the workplace safety provisions, our staff is provided with clothes suitable for the tasks to carry on, such as trousers, sweatshirts, t-shirts, all recognizable within the workplace, safety shoes, gloves in wire, leather or rubber, personalized badges, mobile phones to keep in touch with the respective manager. Our workers are prepared to face every possible off-site emergency.

In this respect, below there is a list of the available equipment:


Tanks: small carts with solid tyre anti-scratch wheels able to walk also on the most delicate surfaces without any damage.

wooden carts with hard and solid tyres:trucks of various sizes from ½ square meter up to 1 m with a height from the ground of 9.5 cm suitable for carrying paintings and objects of size and weight on flat and smooth surfaces;

Iron carts with hard tires with the same function as those described above but with higher flow rate;


Carts with unique bank in iron and wide front blade fitted with soft tires inflated with compressed air with variable pressure capable of allowing the transport for each kind of scale of the type of art sculpture works even of medium size and weights up to 100 kg height maximum 1.2 m;

Carts paintings door suitable for carrying in the Show and generally in confined spaces, and indoor flooring any type of framework also large;

Wood trolleys with 4 wheels in rubber inflated with compressed air with variable pressure for the transport of works and packed paintings, on external routes (type gravel / cobble / Pave) in order not to transmit the vibrations directly handled objects;


Small crane by folding and extremely performing internal capable of transporting and lifting with slings made with seat belts, statues and even of large size and heavy busts;

Pallet trucks with anti-scratch hard tire capable of transporting works within all museums even if equipped with precious flooring. These are also able to raise the works at different heights and are equipped with safety brakes and control with built-in self-braking of the oil pump ensures that the block of the machine in the event of any damage or any other problem may occur;

Electric forklifts from both outside and from inside that can handle all the works of art in compliance with all safety regulations and anti-pollution;


Trestles all equipped with hook and safety shelves can be up to 12 m in height safely;

Electric screwdrivers with electronic power control;

Porta – gantry