Passion for art can be expressed in many ways: studying History of Art, creating masterpieces, travelling to know monuments and works of art. Starting from the study of the sculptures, joined to the personal creativity, Pietro, a carpenter who works with ebony, gives birth to the Montenovi in 1870, specializing in the packaging of works of art.

Montenovi s.r.l. starts its activity in 1870 with Pietro Montenovi, its founder, and it is a company linked to a familiar tradition, on one hand, and to a professional tradition, on the other hand. It is a company which doesn’t renounce to be in line with the times, always evaluating the use of new materials, technologies and systems for the packaging, transport and the movement of works of art.


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Banksy at Rome

Boom of visitors to Palazzo Cipolla for the exhibition of Banksy: 6,211 in less than a week, including almost 3,500 in the sun on Saturday and Sunday, when Via del Corso were formed long lines. This is because the influx recorded at War, Capitalism and Freedom, the exhibition–created event, promoted and organized by the Foundation […]

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WAREHOUSE To better protect the works of art entrusted to us, we have built an independent structure with a double wall fence and a h24 alarm. Our location has the highest qualitative standards in the field of security, conservation and climatic protection for the works of art. We have more than 4000 mc warehouse with [...]
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Allegoria Banca d’Italia

2015 ALLEGORIA BANCA D’ ITALIA Dismantling at the headquarters of the Bank of Italy in Via delle Quattro Fontane in Rome with mammoth work handling, packaging and transport to the headquarters of the Bank of Italy in Vermicino for unloading, unpacking and assembly in the new stand for final settlement.

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L’Annunciazione di Botticelli a Gerusalemme

After several stops and ‘hesitation’, linked to various causes and coincidences, is finally on its way to Israel one of the most beautiful works of Sandro Botticelli, ‘The Annunciation of San Martino alla Scala’, housed in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. However, there is always a hint of mystery and privacy: the work, loaned to […]

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